Kickin' Plastic with Costa

Costa has always been focused on sustainable sport fishing practices and ocean conservation, but many people may not realize the commitment they've made to  take on our catastrophic ocean trash issue.

In 2015, Costa launched the Kick Plastic initiative working with partners around the world to increase awareness, influence policy, and encourage customers to kick the plastic habit, so that both the fish and fishermen of tomorrow will have healthy waters to enjoy.

As with most big environmental issues, it is so hard to know if the little steps we take as individuals are making an impact. Costa's Kick Plastic Guide & Outfitter program partners with anglers from over 14 countries who have eliminated more than 3.25 million single-use plastic water bottles.

This program represents two things we care deeply about at Sight Line Provisions... Conservation + Community.

We began working with Costa in 2019 to create a custom SLP badge for the program. Through this collaboration we designed the Kick Plastic action tags that our community of anglers wear to symbolize our shared commitment to conservation.  Joe and the team have been great partners, and there is nothing better than seeing these badges in the wild.


"Edgar is the man, and it's a huge honor for Costa to partner with not only an incredibly talented artist, but a heck of an angler with a huge passion for conservation.
As Costa's Kick Plastic program has continued to grow and gain support across the globe, we desired a way to celebrate our community and recognize the leaders of this movement to reduce ocean plastics. Edgar had the idea for the iconic Kick Plastic action tags, which we first partnered on back in 2019. Thanks to his vision and execution, our tribe of anglers, outdoor enthusiasts, and watermen & women alike are all rocking this badge to demonstrate that they are stewards of our waterways & fisheries that are so important to us all."
-  Joe Gugino, Costa's Conservation + Community Partnerships Manager


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