5 Years Later...a new chapter for SLP.

In 2015, I was inspired to create something that I had never seen...a bracelet that would tell everyone about my love of the outdoors. Our initial and "Classic" badge features a rivet hole on either side of the design contained in the "Sight Line" frame. As our bracelets began to gain traction, I started to add some textures and colors to our bracelets, these began to be our Artist Collections. As someone that enjoys creative outlets, this provided me with a way to add to the bracelet and tell more of a story with inlaid stones, textiles, wire stitching and hammered textures. As most of you know, these pieces have become a large part of our signature look.

Now in 2020, I am very proud to introduce our newest badge design, the Streamline Collection.  These pieces allow me to really create small works of art that tell a story inside that small Sight Line frame.  With 5 new designs, we begin the exploration on this new canvas that takes advantage of more space around our silhouettes and on the back.  

So thank you for your support during these past 5 years...I look forward to pushing my creativity even further.  


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