Our badges are testimonials to the adventure, challenges, and the peace we find when we take the time to disconnect from everyday life and appreciate nature’s special moments.  

Sight Line badges honor our pursuits, our triumphs, and our passions. They serve as a window for each wearer to “find your own sight line”, recognizing that the significance of the bracelet means something different to every adventurer. For some, the trout badge might be a daily reminder of a personal best – and for others, it may represent the ongoing pursuit of the one that got away. But every product we make is representative of what’s possible when you invest the time to "find your sight line." 

Our badges are designed for everyone who takes on new challenges and pushes themselves to pursue the type of true life adventures that can only be found outdoors. If you show up, we’re glad you’re here. Whether you’re a dreamer, a do-er, or even a “maybe-I-can-do-er,” you, too, can share in the beauty of nature’s sight lines, and join the community that celebrates them. 

So, go find your sight line and bring us along.

About the Artist

Edgar has always been called by the ocean and mountains where he developed his love of fishing, mountain biking and birding. His connection to the outdoors started with these activities. There is something about the peace he gets when he is outdoors; some might even call it an addiction.

He wanted an accessory to wear that represented his love for the outdoors, and couldn't find anything. Edgar took things into his own hands and created his first fly fishing bracelet with a trout badge.

He realized that the bracelet didn't just represent his passion - it took him right back to some of his greatest memories on the water. It was something bigger that he knew he needed to share with others, so the journey began to create Sight Line Provisions.