SLP X Captains for Clean Water

Captains for Clean Water is taking on the big fights in Florida and leading the way. Sight Line Provisions is honored to do our small part to support their efforts. Their mission is to restore and protect aquatic ecosystems for the use and enjoyment of all.  

What started as a couple of fishing guides concerned about how the poor water management practices in Florida were devastating the estuaries, has become a power house organization educating our fishing community on how to be clean-water advocates.

CFCW has united like-minded supporters of anglers, outdoor enthusiasts, business folks and conservationists to educate the public and put pressure on Florida state and federal representatives to take action on initiatives that will protect and restore the Everglades and Florida's waters.

Through Awareness, Education, and Advocacy programs, they work to engage supporters to advance science-based solutions that solve Florida's water mismanagement and safeguard our way of life for future generations.

These programs directly support the organization's 3 key areas of focus and encompass a variety of opportunities for supporters to make a difference in the fight for Florida's water quality.

  • Everglades Restoration
  • Nutrient Pollution
  • Policy Change

As CFCW says, "the power of one is the strength of many" Over the last year, their leadership brought us all together to push for the veto of Florida Senate Bill 2508. This bill threatened to reduce priority of a critical Everglades restoration project and write into law preferential treatment of the industrial sugar industry.

Led by CFCW, more than 50,000 supporters protested the bill, sending 156,000 emails to legislators, making 1500 phone calls, and Captains for Clean Water tallied 43,000 petition signatures.

How can you TAKE ACTION?

There are lots of ways to engage in the fight for clean water. Visit to learn more.

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