Exclusive Q&A with Jako Lucas

One of our original Sight Line PROvisioners, Jako is one of the most dynamic and engaging people in the world of Fly Fishing. We hope you enjoy this quick read.

What is your favorite part of guiding?

Being able to turn my passion and hobby into a job is such a privilege. The best

part of being on the water guiding is helping my clients have the experience of a lifetime - turning their dream into a reality.

Do you have a memorable client experience on the water?

Honestly, there are too many to single one moment out. I believe that any guide looks good when the fishing is great, but the ones that can come back to the dock with happy clients are the ones that stand out. I love the challenge of a hard day that makes us appreciate the moments when things go wild on the water. Those are the hard days and the ones that humble me and make me want to work harder.

What has been your most challenging pursuit?

I have always loved the challenge of exploring a new fishery. On a recent trip I shared the success of a great challenge that took several years - catching the BIG 4 species of Permit. I got to do it with my good friends, Oliver White, Nick Bowles, Stuart Webb and the Costa Sunglasses crew.

Permit fishing is challenging enough, but catching 4 different species definitely takes it to the next level.

I am probably guilty of this, but we have made fly fishing seem easier than what it really is with all the highlight reels on social media. The thing that builds character is failure and how you overcome it.

What is your go to SLP design?

Being lucky enough to chase many different species during the year, I go through my different Sight Line bracelets like Lady Gaga goes through outfit changes at a show.

I do wear my custom Sight Line + Oyster Bamboo Permit bracelet a lot the last few months after completing the Big 4. Redfish, Jack, Tarpon guiding season is in full swing, so I will be rotating between those 3 bracelets a lot. I do keep my fancy Forged Silver Redfish cuff for special occasions!

Congratulations on catching the Big 4 Jako! We will see you back on the TX coast soon to hook some Reds.

If you've not watched Jako's award winning films, check them out here.

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