More Than Just a Fisherman: Meet Oliver White – SLP PROvisioner

More Than Just a Fisherman: Meet Oliver White – SLP PROvisioner

“Whatever distractions complicate our lives evaporate under the influence of profound waters and untamed fish.” Oliver White

From stalking Bonefish in French Polynesia to angling for Arapaima with indigenous people in Guyana, Oliver White is legendary in the fly fishing world. The man calls himself just “a fisherman,” but after reading (and marveling) about his adventures around the world, we know he’s just being modest. 

 Living the Fly Fishing Experience

Most think of fly fishing as just the hobby your grandfather enjoys, an angler casting over a quiet river, with a sunset backdrop to set the perfect tone. But, read just one of Oliver’s stories or watch him in action on one of his many fishing expeditions, and you’ll learn that Oliver’s way of fly fishing is exactly what the activity should be; it’s an experience. 

The thrill of landing a big catch in unchartered waters and the rush from landing a fish, who’s never met a fisherman, make fly fishing a sport, a passion, and perhaps oftentimes an obsession. But more importantly, the way that Oliver White writes about and practices fly fishing convert the skeptic and naysayer to curious and dumbfounded. It’s not just landing a great catch (although that’s a huge draw); it’s experiencing nature’s magnificence, building camaraderie with a new culture, and immersing oneself in the science and art of fishing. 

More Than Just a Fisherman

Oliver White’s fly-fishing adventures define him as a cut above the rest, but he’s not your ordinary fishing enthusiast either. Sure, you might see his face in the media, covering his many fishing trips, but he’s also using his name and brand for good, focusing on conservation and protecting the places he loves. 

In 2014, he co-founded Indifly in an effort to help low-income communities, while protecting resources and the environments that sustain them. Helping indigenous people build fly fishing businesses not only contributes to economic development, but it also saves the environment and creates opportunities for anglers around the world. 

The organization started with Project Guyana. Years ago, the villagers had started poaching and overharvesting to make a living. But, when Rewa Eco-Lodge was built, it created jobs and attracted anglers to catch and release the region’s monster fish, the Arapaima, all while operating sustainability practices to protect the environment around it. This success story led to projects in French Polynesia and the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.  

SLP PROvisioner

Sight Line Provisions is proud to call Oliver White a PROvisioner for not just sharing in his passion for the outdoors, but also for his work in conservation. SLP PROvisioners demonstrate a love and commitment for the outdoors and help contribute contributing to its sustainability. 

We last caught up with Oliver when he became a new dad and was learning how to juggle fatherhood with fishing. We can’t wait to hear about his adventures managing the two, and hope to see his little boy out there casting alongside his pop very soon. Stay tuned!


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