Jako Lucas Tells The Stories Behind His Sight Line Provisions

Jako Lucas of Capt. Jack Productions is one of today's most famous and prolific anglers. He has been all over the world, cutting his teeth guiding in the Seychelles, Norway, and Mongolia. Throw a dart on a map and chances are he's either fished or guided there. Thankfully for the fly fishing world, he's brought a camera on most of these trips to document the insane fishing he encounters.

His most popular films have toured the world around us, taking the everyday angler after milkfish in the Seychelles or taimen in Mongolia. Some document Jako's time salmon fishing in Norway, chasing the yellowfish of his native South Africa, or swinging flies for monster sea run brown trout in Argentina. Most recently, he ventured into the wildlands of Tanzania to hunt down and catch the elusive and toothy tigerfish. Anyone with a sense of adventure can spend hours day dreaming through his website or Vimeo channel. Wherever he is, he is always rocking a Sight Line product on his wrist or around his ever present YETI cup.

On a visit with Jako in Austin recently, we were shocked by the unique patina and story behind each one of his Sight Line pieces. We are proud to reaffirm the knowledge that an SLP product only gets better with age. Here's what he had to say about each of his cuffs.

"Over the last few years I have had the privilege to work with Sight Line Provisions as a Provisioner. At this stage, I live and breath every moment of my life with a Sight Line bracelet on my arm. Not only do they look awesome, but there is a story behind every bracelet.

Every one I have has a special place in my hear about a memorable fish I caught in a far off place. The one I have been living with the last year has been my Roosterfish Bracelet. Roosterfish has been on my bucket list for years. I knew the hardships that came with catching a rooster and on day 4 of a 7-day fishing trip to Baja, I managed to get my first Rooster. It was not a week later and I was sporting my new Sight Line Provisions Roosterfish Bracelet. So any time you see me and notice my Sight Line Bracelet, feel free to ask me about the story. Thanks for helping preserve the memories Sight Line!"

Be like Jako and show people what's in your Sight Line! Read more about him at Catching the Uncatchable: Meet Jako Lucas on the Amberjack Journal.

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