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Trout Skinny 

The trout skinny gives you a thinner option to the Trout 2.0 when wanting to wear a bracelet that shows your passion. The dignified trout boasts vibrant color palates that can leave an angler speechless. Show your passion for these frisky fish by wearing this elegant, handmade piece that pays homage to the one that started it all. Shop now


Bass 2.0

Whether you are a sucker for smallmouth, largemouth, or any of the many species, bass are without a doubt North America’s favorite gamefish. Caught year ‘round across the globe, these bucketmouths are revered for their ambush feeding style, and the myriad of techniques used to bring them to hand. From tiny creeks, to the biggest reservoirs, the bass is readily accessible and always on the lookout for an easy meal. Also check out the Skinny Bass 2.0. Shop now


Key Ring

We've taken our key fob, and upgraded it with the Nite Ize Key Ring S-Biner system. We designed our leather snap to secure your keys on your belt, while showing off the SLP badge design. Also available in other designs and colors. Shop now

Snook Powder

Known to Central Americans as “Robalo”, this “sea bass” is a favorite amongst anglers for its wide range of habitats that it patrols. Found along mangroves, flats, and canals, the snook’s pronounced lateral line keeps this apex predator in tune with the surrounding environment. Let that lateral line keep you in tune with your environment with this special edition powder coat! Shop now


Good Dog

An ode to our best friends... in their bed next to the fireplace or out in the field. Whichever your dog prefers, we thought our outdoor collection deserved this kind of goodness. Shop now



Don't get caught with a naked YETI! Add some style to your Rambler Tumbler. A tribute to the The Dry Fly, it's all about the presentation, on and off the water. Features a magnetic bottle cap holder so you can keep track of what your keeping cool in your awesome looking YETI. Also available with redfish and whitetail designs. Shop now


White Tail

A common sighting in many areas, yet still an amazing experience to lock eyes with these majestic creatures. Ready to prance and dart at any moment. We're all big fans of the whitetail. Shop now


Trout 2.0 Powder

Fresh powder coated badge on different color leather make these SLP bracelets really jump out! Each badge is powder coated in a limited run. The Trout 2.0 looks great in the powder coat, but it's not the only badge we make. Check out the rest of the powder coated line up.

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