Small Batch Hat: "Gangsters of the Flats" Collaboration SLP + Capt. Jack Productions Edition of 30

Sight Line Provisions

A decade ago, Jako Lucas and Gangsters of the Flats smacked the fly fishing world in the face with line shredding, drag melting, rod busting, heart pumping action that left our stoke level high. The visceral emotions evoked by this iconic film would set the tone for the next ten years of films that would follow in its footsteps. Since the production of Gangsters of the Flats, Jako and Capt. Jack Productions has continued to pump out award winning films that are packed with action, culture, conservation, and (of course) Big… Angry… Fish! Their application of raw, in-your-face filming has captivated audiences around the globe and brought to light some of the most amazing fisheries on the planet, making Capt. Jack Productions, without a doubt, the best of the best. To honor ten years of producing amazing films, Sight Line Provisions has collaborated with Capt. Jack Productions to produce a small batch hat worthy of any gangster of the flats.


Gangsters of the Flats Collab from Capt Jack Productions on Vimeo.

Collections: Small Batch Headwear

Type: Hats

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