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Lost Cast Collection- Bronze Tarpon 2.0

Sight Line Provisions

The Tarpon 2.0 is our latest SLP Badge to be cast in Bronze. Using the Lost Wax Casting method, these badges will be thicker and pitted giving a classic look to these bracelets. Each Patina is unique to each bracelet pictured.

Adorned with silver-mirrored scales and a piercing set of eyes, the Tarpon is the king of the saltwater flats. Once you have seen their powerful, high flying acrobatics, you will understand why those who hookup with this ancient, noble gamefish feel compelled to bow to the Tarpon.



*INT’L SHIPPING $15 (for most Countries)

Bronze badge mounted on .80” leather cuff. Accented with leather and rivets on both sides of the badge. Fastened with ‘just right’ adjustable sizing closure to size down to 6" or up to 8" wrist.


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