Heart Wood Trade + Sight Line Provisions TDRP (Teardrop) 1/1 Landing Net

Heart Wood Trade

Offering our first 1/1 Collaboration Landing Net.

Heart Wood Trade made this special 1/1 work of art for one lucky person to own. It features our Lost Cast Skinny Bronze Trout that adds our SLP touch. After using our landing net for the past year we can definitely attest to their beauty and function. 

This net features:

Mahogany, Padauk, Lacewood and a Claro Walnut Handle. 

The bow is laced with a premium black rubberized mesh that’s gentle on the fish and won’t tangle, rot or mildew.

Hoop Opening – 10.25″ x 15.5″
Total Width – 11″
Total Length – 22″


Type: Landing Net

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