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1/1 Artist Edition SLP + Mangum Stargazer on Stingray

Sight Line Provisions

This Artist Edition Stargazer SLP + Mangum Edition was inspired by David Mangum’s dedication and persistence to be the best he can be at everything this man does. Designer and Founder Edgar Diaz took our Collab badge and added a Stargazer finish, used Gold and Navy dyed stingray leather and then stitched marble gemstone beads with gold filled wire. The navy blue Horween leather strap matches up perfectly with the blue in the stingray leather. 

This 1/1 is available, adjustable sizing using our “just right” system. When this piece is sold, there will not be another one available. 

Shipping to US included  


bronze badge, string ray wrapped leather base, marble beads stitched with gold filled wire, Horween leather strap. 

Collections: Artist Editions

Type: Leather Bracelet

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