Chroma Collection

After success with our "fresh powder" limited runs we developed this latest retail collection to bring a pop of color to our most popular designs. This is the first of many new colors coming to the Chroma Collection. Stay tuned for 2023 additions later this year. Available on blue and camel brown leather

Available designs: - Vermillion \\ Redfish - Spruce Green \\ Tectonic Rush - Steely Gray \\ Trout 2.0 - Fresh Air Mint \\ Mountain Bike - Flats Blue \\ Tarpon - Sage Green \\ Antler Shed - Goldenrod \\ Flash


Thin Line V2 Collection

 For 2022, Sight Line Provisions is rebooting their thin line cuffs and pendants. The Thin Line V2 Collection brings new forged processes to SLP’s popular thin line designs to create intricate detail that is then cast into these new silver cuffs and pendants. These silver reproduction pieces allow us to bring the beauty of the forged technique at a new price point.

The silver cuffs offered in this collection include Tectonic Rush with stargazer texture, Trout 2.0 with ridgeline texture, Tarpon with scale texture, Redfish with reed texture, and Arrow with texture. In addition to the silver cuffs, this collection also includes five pendants + silver chain pieces: Flash, Elk Shed, Permit, Trout and Redfish.

Existing SLP Retailers, visit our Retailer Portal and use your password to access this website. If you have forgotten the password reach out to us at 512.915.4711.  

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