The Mayfly Project, "Nonprofit Takeover" June 2020

Double Your Impact- Support Guides and Foster Children

Now is the time for unique partnerships, renovating ideas, and communities working together to help those who need us most. With support from Sight Line Provisions we are honored to announce our new campaign to support guides who support children in foster care with The Mayfly Project!

How it works: 

Purchased limited edition Mayfly Project gear, featuring an exclusive Sight Line Provisions Stainless Steel Badge from SLP this weekend. These funds will be used to purchase guide trips from The Mayfly Project’s Lead Mentors who are full-time guides. The guide trips will be used to take local children in foster care on a guide trips this summer. This weekend Sight Line Provisions will also be sharing up to 50% of this weekends website retail sales with the Mayfly Project.

Who are the guides?

The guides are lead mentors for TMP—they have donated hundreds of hours to helping children in foster care find home rivers and the therapeutic art of fly fishing. They also receive all of their income from guiding, which means they are struggling to manage during the COVID-19 pandemic and need our help.

What is The Mayfly Project?

TMP is a national nonprofit that mentors children in foster care via the sport of fly fishing. They provide a 1:1 mentor ratio, teach conservation, and provide fun during a most chaotic time in the lives of foster children. This nonprofit was established in 2015 and now serves in 26 states, teaching over 500 foster children how to enjoy the outdoors!


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