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Arapaima- INDIFLY Edition

Sight Line Provisions

Sight Line Provisions is proud to partner with Indifly to create special edition bracelets featuring species that inhabit fisheries Indifly strives to protect. Through this partnership, 50% of the purchase price of each Indifly bracelet ($30) will be donated to Indifly.

Indifly is a 501(c)(3) organization founded to protect the world’s greatest fisheries and provide sustainable livelihoods for indigenous peoples. Indifly's mission is accomplished through the development of community owned fly-fishing ecotourism operations that directly benefit from local resource conservation. 

Focusing on three pillars of sustainability, Indifly works to protect cultural heritage and empower local communities; create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods; and conserve resources through science-based management. 


Metal badge mounted on .80" leather cuff, accented with leather and rivets on both sides of the badge. Fastened with ‘just right’ adjustable sizing closure to size down to 6" or up to 8" wrist.


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